Common Orthodontic Issues

Broken or Loose Brackets

Often, hard foods can cause brackets to become loose. A modern-day solution is to place wax over the bracket to create tension to temporality lock it in place until you can be seen by Dr. Boley.

Broken/Lost Retainer

In emergencies, please call our Harrison office or Muddy Creek office to discuss your broken/lost retainer. If possible, continue to wear your retainer at night. While we know this is not ideal, it will buy us time until we are able to see you in person.

Irritated Lips/Cheeks and Sores

When struggling with irritated lips/cheeks/sores, make sure to rinse your mouth often with a salt and warm water solution. Be sure to cover your braces with wax as well.  Hopefully, by repeating these steps frequently, your irritation will subside.

Fixed Retainer Came Loose

In the event that your fixed retainer comes loose, you can DIY a solution at home. Find a pair of clean nail clippers (be sure to sterilize first!) and use these to trim it. Should the fixed retainer become entirely detached, be sure to wear your removable retainer regularly.

Poking Wires

The quickest solution for uncomfortable wires is to place wax over the sharp edge. This allows a barrier to form between your mouth and the wire. If needed, trim away excess wire using a cuticle cutter or nail clipper.

Loose Rubber Band

When a rubber band becomes loose you can usually fashion it back into place using a pair of sterilized tweezers.

Lost/Broken Clear Aligner

Please call the Boley Braces office to go over the instructions. If you are able, wear a previous aligner for a regular prescribed time (22 hours per day)