Orthodontist in Harrison, OH

Boley Brace's Harrison, Ohio, location is conveniently located near the freeway. The building that houses our practice is a single-story, red-brick affair with two entrances. We’re the only residents, so there’s no risk of accidentally walking into the wrong office.

The parking lot is spacious and limited to our use, so there’s almost guaranteed to be a parking space when you stop by. Additionally, we have two spots near the entrances reserved for accessible parking.


Our building is set back from the road, but we have a large sign out front to direct visitors. Our name and logo are clearly visible, and a digital display shows our name and informative messages from our office.

Directly across from the Harrison location is a Penske truck rental, which is a long, low building surrounded by a wooden fence, with several Penske vehicles in the parking lot. Our neighbor also has a tall sign on the property, which you’ll likely see before noticing ours.

There’s a Motel Deluxe on the same side of the street as our building to the north. There’s a Dunkin’ Donuts, which is located on the opposite side of the road to the south.


When you need an orthodontist in Harrison, Ohio, Boley Braces is here to help. At our Harrison Ave. location, we offer several braces options:

Of these three choices, metal and ceramic are traditional, with brackets adhered directly to the teeth. Invisalign, on the other hand, uses a removable tray to adjust teeth incrementally. Many of our adult clients prefer Invisalign for comfort and convenience. We also offer Invisalign for Teens for adolescent clients.


To reach our Harrison location, you can take the I-74/US 52. If you’re to the east of us, head west on this freeway, then exit south onto Dry Fork Rd. If you’re to the west, head east on the I-74/US 52 and take the same exit.

Once on Dry Fork Rd., drive until you reach the intersection with Harrison Ave and turn right. Alternatively, you can take a right on Old Harrison Ave., then another right to get onto Harrison Ave.

Drive past the 74 Fuel Stop and continue until you see our sign. We are on the left side of the road.


Does your child need braces, or are you interested in services for yourself? Then we invite you to schedule an appointment. Dr. Boley welcomes clients of all ages, as we believe everyone deserves to look their best. To learn more about our services or to make an appointment, call us at (513) 367-2673.

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